16 Apr

Introducing Blip Slideshow: A WordPress/SmugMug plugin

It’s been two weeks since I started using WordPress and I absolutely love it. I recently blogged about my experience using Super-Slider Show to get my photography website, Ambient Photography, up and running quickly. My website and Super-Slider show both used the excellent Slideshow2 so migrating my complex set-up was relatively painless.

But I needed a way to keep my slideshow up-to-date and so I turned my attention back to the media RSS-reading slideshow plugins for WordPress. RSS feeds from photo sharing sites like Flickr contain all the most recent information about the photos you’ve already uploaded online, bypassing the need to upload the pics again to WordPress. Only one of the plugins I found was a close fit to what I needed for Ambient Photography, so I set about creating my own.

WordPress, and thus PHP is completely new to me. I am a J2EE programmer by trade and always considered PHP/Javascript a poor man’s language. Well what a poor man’s language it is! In less than four days I had learned MooTools, written my PHP plugin, debugged it for three major browsers and got it published! Introducing Blip, a Javascript slideshow WordPress plugin that reads image data from RSS feeds. Now when I update my photos on SmugMug, I can be sure that the latest pictures are appearing on my website.

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