WordPress emails are sent but not received

16 Jun
“Help! Form says it went through but we don’t get the email!” Also known as: “Some emails are not being sent” “Test email works but never arrives?” Is this happening to you? Your website’s emails disappear into a ‘Black Hole’, never...
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How to send Gmail from WordPress using SMTP

3 Feb
The Evolution of Email SMTP Security Every year there is a call to include SMTP support as part of WordPress. This won’t happen. Like HTML, SMTP is a moving target. First there was SSL, then Application-specific passwords and two-factor authentication....
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Using Gmail with Apple Mail

12 May
I recently moved my e-mail services from a Courier-based Maildir system to Google Apps / Gmail. Times are tough and I just couldn’t make a case for paying for hosted e-mail anymore. Gmail for Google Apps is free, each user...
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